Are you a female over 40?

I’m Lisa. I coach women over 40 who are ready to change it up.

To be empowered in their body and mind. I am YOU.

This is my journey too.

Join me!


Hello there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Lisa Roche and I am a Certified Health Coach, a Physical Therapist and a Mother of six. I am 56 years old and live, at this point in my life, the BEST health and the BEST life I have ever lived. I can’t wrap my mind around how fortunate I am to BE whom I am and DO what I do.


I often experience and see others who want better health and what I call “More Life” but almost live outside the belief that anything different is available to them. They accept the “normal” decline of age and make the best of it and settle in for the ride. These are the people I am passionate about…those who have no idea that a completely different experience of life and health is available to them. I DREAM of these people. I am obsessed with the possibility that they could know how much fun and exhilaration can be had while we age. “Normal” in our culture today means adding extra weight as the years go on, especially around the middle of the body, having less energy, having more aches and pains, experiencing more and more forgetfulness and just general lack of brain sharpness. It means drinking and eating way more than is helpful for our bodies, taking more and more pharmaceuticals, lots of appointments with various doctors, and way less desire for sex and general interest in one’s partner. I know…it sounds familiar but it also sounds like a super bad option. No thank you!

The massive information available to all of us can be crippling instead of helpful at times. In fact while researching so much nutritional advice my colleagues and I often remark how odd it is that two (or five!) experts can give the opposite advice and sound so sure. Before we give up and just throw in the towel and don’t do anything let’s consider some thoughts.

Changing the way we feel and look is a thrilling and steady slow process. It’s a BIG GOAL and it’s a fabulous achievable goal that will literally change everything about the way we live in every area of life. Big goals need time. They involve small 1% changes forever. The good news is that 1% changes are doable and fairly easy. The harder news is that change at all is something we have to want and to invest in. It begins with a belief that we are inherently valuable, that we have something valuable to offer by being at our best. More good news is that the effect you will feel as you implement even these 1% shifts will make you hungry for more. It’s intoxicating to FEEL GOOD and empowered and in control of your aging. It’s horrible to feel we are at the mercy of whatever illness is going to strike us.

As youngsters we take for granted that our bodies are a hardy yet delicate garden that needs to be tended and kept free of clutter and trash. Our seeming resilience blinds us to what groundwork we are laying for later years. So the sooner we can wake up and get living better the “More Life” we will experience when our kids are grown and gone and we have newfound free time. However, even if we show up to the party late and already have health problems, the body is forgiving and is created to thrive. With a little patience and nuance, and consistency, the little steps taken will massively pay off.

So all are welcome and invited on this journey. I am just a voice of love and a personal reminder of the truth that you are wanted and welcome and YES, it is YOUR time. It is my honor to share with you the things I’ve learned both in personal experience but also through years of research and passion about this topic. You see it wasn’t too many years ago that I was crumbled to the ground one day while on a run. Out of nowhere my body became a REAL thing to me, not something that was there to be ignored and used for my many purposes and pleasures. I began to cry, there on the trail, as I realized all it had silently and faithfully done for me, through almost a half century of time, with little or no thought as to “I wonder what this (my) body would truly benefit from?” So strap on your shoes and throw your hair in a ponytail and let’s get rolling. This is a journey you don’t want to miss!