Are you a female over 40?

I’m Lisa. I coach women over 40 who are ready to change it up.

To be empowered in their body and mind. I am YOU.

This is my journey too.

Join me!


Why is it SO important to me to optimize women’s health?

1) Full health enables full usage of power. (Anything less than full health limits our personal power.)

2) Personal power is given to accomplish our mission/purpose in life. Who are you? What is your message? What are you supposed to be doing during this time you have here?

Women, after their “beautiful years’ are largely discarded as valuable in this society. I can’t speak to other cultures, some are probably worse and others are probably better.

I am 57. I graduated at the top of my Physical Therapy class after 6 years of college. I’m a learner. I’m smart. But I’m also tender, a nurturer, a lover of the planet and the skies. I’m a mother…forever that. At 57, after being single for a just a few years, I am recreating my life from scratch. I’m a solo-preneur. I’m a voice for all women but especially those in the second half of life. We have things to do. We are braver and more determined than we have ever been. We are waking up to the fact that we are unstoppable in what has formerly been a male dominated society. Men have led the vast majority of the charges and we have been support crew at best. This is NOT a platform of women against men.  No way. I love men. They are an important part of my life and this world. Plus, being against anything is the worst way to get anything done and move forward. But I am tired of women being used as objects to use and discard after we no longer fit the Wall Street image of sex and beauty.

My friends, you are here for a reason. I believe, if you look inside, you know what it is. It whispers to you as a longing inside, or a passion always there, maybe a dream that you’ve tried to shelve because of its audacity.

I’m a health coach. Why? Because I believe you are so very strong and capable. Stronger than you have any idea of or have imagined. But as you age no one tells you this truth…that you don’t have to decline and become feeble, frail, lethargic, apathetic and brain fogged. That your life is worth so much more than shopping, face creams, wine and Netflix.

Your body is under extreme onslaught from an environment you are not yet evolved/adapted to handle. It’s no wonder you assume aging means all of the above.

I’m begging you NOT to lay down and passively accept the inevitable decline of your body and mind. Without YOU in your full strength the world is missing this piece you were created to be. You have effectively been disqualified from the games. And that is precisely how women 40-50 and older are viewed. Done.

Let’s let all comparison, competition, depletion, despair, loneliness, limitation, and unconsciousness be gone form this planet. You know you are not done. You KNOW it. And if that knowing has been buried for a while, resurrect it. It’s still there.

We are beginning a movement, a wave of inspiring and robust living. We let nature heal us. All are included. Baby steps and failures are celebrated because they indicate we have skin in the game. We are a community that strengthens one another. We are about the business of feeling better, becoming stronger, doing what we were meant to do, and creating More Life for ourselves and for others. Will you come join us?

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