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So I’ve got something on my chest that I need to scream from the rooftops. This blog may not be so warm and fuzzy today, but it DOES come from a place of utter love and compassion for that species out there called HUMAN. So buckle up. I’m going to dish it to you straight, without sugar.

We live in a culture and in a time that makes it very difficult for our bodies to thrive and function well. Most of us get a good number of years where we get a free pass on eating and living however we want, with very little thought about it. Unfortunately this creates in us an idea (false!) that “everything’s just fine and dandy in there”. Again, most, not all, of us are not aware that there are multiple leaks in the ship and it’s been taking on water for years and frankly it’s going to sink.

I’m no stranger to this thinking myself. Because I never had a weight problem (yes my vanity is showing itself vividly) I figured I could eat what I wanted, sleep when I wanted and do what I wanted. After all, what could be wrong? I was thin after all.

All of us, sooner or later get the wake-up call that comes either with illness, injury, or age. Sometimes it comes subtly like one area of your body isn’t quite working like it normally has. The one manifestation that I see more and more in this category is in the area of digestion or the gut. Certain foods now bother you, the elimination process is no longer a “no-brainer”, and for the first time you now have pain, gas, or bloating. What now?? Where to even start? Something so much a given as eating and pooping are now a giant question mark.

Whatever the wake-up call, I would like to throw out a strong PLEA on behalf of your future self and body to make a decision today to invest your time, intention and yes even money on the long haul. It’s human nature to want a quick fix and a cheap fix but please throw out those notions. And although there are many health tweaks and habits that cost nothing, there is a large likelihood that you’ll either need some guidance, or some supplements, or adjustments that will require your monetary investment. I am personally a do-it-yourselfer, but there is a limit to how far you can go this way. We invest money freely on phones, cars, restaurants, alcohol, entertainment, and vacations…all of which are amazing and wonderful but dissolve into non-discussions if our health deteriorates.

Your body is a silent witness to exactly what you’ve ingested and how you’ve lived over the years. It tells a story. What is the story your body tells?

I’ve been laughed at over the years for spending money on the healthy option, the extra supplement, the cleanest water, and for taking longer to prepare the meal because I began from whole unprepared foods, but it’s a choice I made. It’s vastly important to me to treat my body as a temple and it performs for me like the beautiful machine it is. This isn’t a diet. It’s not a certain set of exercises. It’s really a lifestyle that becomes a point of passion when experienced.

So back to where we began…my rant. Don’t be surprised if you ignore your body now that one day it doesn’t rise up and react quite like you were expecting it to. You’ve been warned. If change or knowing where to start feels overwhelming, find a source of help. There are many good ones out there. This is what my coaching is all about as well. Let’s be proactive and start before we have a massive wake-up call. Let’s not let inattention to this detail sideline us in our best years.

But my friends… you have to jump in!! You have to go for it. I promise it’s the very best way to live More Life.