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It’s one of my favorite words…perhaps because I lived for many years with the constant thought, “There is not a single ounce of space in my life.” Now, the truth was that for more than two decades I was raising six kids, teaching them at home, cooking all our meals, cleaning our large home, and trying desperately to do it all, “perfectly”. But even so, that single thought “there is no space” hurt (limited) me more than I could have ever imagined.

You see our thoughts create our experience of the world. Period. The reality was, if I had a different thought like “There is space for whatever I want in my life” I would have experienced a very different reality than I did. But, no one told me this little secret that is EVERYTHING. My thoughts create my reality. I had no freaking idea!!

So, now that I know this “everything” fact, SPACE has become somewhat of a muse for me. It’s a word I meditate on. I love how it feels so expansive and luxurious and rich and full of possibility. It makes me feel unlimited and my dreams get bigger.

A couple years after my divorce I met a man randomly who came to do some work for me. I quickly was attracted to him but didn’t even want to consider a relationship. I think inwardly I was rolling my eyes thinking “no way”. It was “inconvenient at this time” I heard myself saying. There was clearly no space. I had my girls. I was figuring out how to do life single and run my own home and all that entails. There were a mountain of things to figure out.

But here’s the thing I found out about space. And this is what I really want to talk about. A space is created for that which we really want in our lives. “When it’s meant to be a space will be created” (quote-me!)

It’s only our thoughts that shut down possibility. My clients often vocalize a dream or a strong desire, but their thoughts block them from the ability to see any space (possibility) of getting it. They even make themselves feel better by trying to give reasons why they’re “fine as is.” All they can see is what they currently have. They can’t imagine anything else. What each of us experiences now is the direct result of all our previous thoughts (beliefs). For space, newness, a different result, we have to think different thoughts. Thoughts like, “Space is abundant for whatever is perfect for my life.”

Here’s another good example! My 25 year old daughter called me and has been working super hard toward some spectacular large goals she has. She’s focused. She’s intense. She keeps her promises to herself. She does what she plans to do. I forgot to mention that she’s gorgeous and so she’s getting asked out all the time. She wondered if something was wrong with her because she just wasn’t into any of these guys or going out with them. It just didn’t seem as good as working on her goals. She asked if something was wrong that she didn’t have any space in her life to date. Here’s the deal. She has space for anything she desires. Right now she desires to get her book published and to eradicate global poverty. Oh yes and to ensure every girl on this planet has access to education and opportunity. Just those couple things 😉 BUT when she meets a man that grabs her heart a space will be created.

And so my friend, what do you want that you feel is impossible? The thing that you’ve not even said out loud because there is no space that you can see in your budget, time, energy, or know-how for it to happen. My friend don’t be blinded by that old thought. A space can ALWAYS be created if we believe (think) it can.