Are you a female over 40?

I’m Lisa. I coach women over 40 who are ready to change it up.

To be empowered in their body and mind. I am YOU.

This is my journey too.

Join me!

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Ready to Get Started?

You might be wondering what a mini session is and is this worth my time?

Those are very good questions.

The answer is simple and easy.

This phone call alone with me will change everything for you.

We talk about you for 45 minutes.

We are going to look at everything you most want and get it out on paper where we can look at it.

You are going to describe to me what you struggle with and how you are stuck.

You may think you know why you’re stuck but you don’t. If you really knew, you could fix it and you wouldn’t be here reading this.

I will discover that for you.

That’s what I do every day.

I help women, who I believe are beautiful and valuable and more powerful than they imagine, live, look, and show up in a way that is empowered, confident and sexy.

These calls are like life.

They clarify everything and give you a vision of what is possible.

Even if you just have a call and nothing else you will be glad you did.

You definitely want to talk to me on the phone.

Let’s not forget these calls are free. I do them for free because I know something you don’t and I’m dying to share it with you.

When you sign up be sure and show up.

I’ll be waiting!